Is Mount Hua Really The Most Dangerous Hike In The World?

Is Mount Hua Really The Most Dangerous Hike In The World?

Robin Esrock took off all the way to China to find out if one of the web’s most amazing photos was really legit! He wanted to find out  if Mount Hua truly is the most dangerous hike in the world.  Watch as he seriously reconsiders this hike several times on the way up.  I cannot imagine the fear and adrenaline that must have been running through him at the end.

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Romantic Camping

Hiking For Lovers: 4 Ways to Turn Camping Into a Romantic Getaway

Romance doesn’t always have to mean wining and dining your loved one. Romance is all about being with that special someone in a personal and charming ambiance. What better way to highlight your focus on your partner than when you’re all alone out in the wilderness with nothing but each other to concentrate on? If planned correctly, you can turn any camping trip with your partner into a romantic getaway for two.

Secluded Sites are Best

Location, location, location! The level of romance in your camping excursion hinges strongly on the atmosphere. To create the most romantic camping adventure, make your reservation in a more secluded or wooded area, the beach or near something unique such as a natural hot spring. Avoid campgrounds that tend to be packed full of families, RVs or parties. You can also request that your campsite be as far from the entrance as possible to make your stay more concealed. Remember, your main focus should be on each other!

Comfortable Sleeping Arrangements

It will be worth it to invest in a quality tent pad, inflatable air mattress and/or sleeping bags. Comfort is of utmost importance when creating romance with your significant other. Spring for two sleeping bags that are the same brand and model, then zip them together so cuddling is necessary but there’s still plenty of room and both of you are as comfortable as possible. As we all know, a good night’s sleep always makes for a better day overall!

Be Prepared

Plan ahead when packing for your intimate camping getaway. Bring items that will add to the romance of being out in the wilderness, just the two of you. Pack items that will “set the mood” such as tea light candles, camping lanterns, comfy pillows, nice dishes and silverware along with linens and towels. It’s also important that you pack attractive clothing while still being protected from the elements while outside. Sexy pajamas are always a welcome surprise when it’s time to zip your sleeping bags together!

Romantic Cuisine

Just because you’re camping doesn’t mean all you can eat is hotdogs and s’mores. Create a romantic camping menu – possibly include items you and your partner can work together to prepare and cook. Pack your cooler with items such as a nice wine, steak, chicken or seafood and plenty of vegetables. Just because you’re not in a nice kitchen doesn’t mean you can’t create an impressive and delicious meal. And it’s always more fun to work together to determine the best way to create your next dinner masterpiece.

Being Along, Together

Every couple needs time spent together with nothing to tend to but each other. Many of us are connected constantly to the world around us and there is a nonstop pandemonium that can dictate our everyday lives. Camping with your partner is an amazing way to unplug, wind down and just enjoy each other. You never know, camping with your partner could bring you closer than you’ve ever been.

Full Moon Hike

8 Full Moon Hikes That Will Make You Howl

There is nothing like taking a hike under the glow of a full moon. Depending on the time of year, you can marvel at the moonlight reflecting off the snow, or enjoy searching for playful shadows that the moon casts off tree branches. Check your calendar, find your destination and get ready to howl!

Bryce Canyon National Park

Bryce Canyon, in southern Utah, is beautiful and breathtaking during the day, known for its colorful and twisted rocks called Hoodoos. During the night, under a full moon, it takes on a whole new spooky and thrilling life of its own! Every full moon, the park offers one- to two-mile, ranger-guided moonlit hikes into the canyon. Each hike is a unique experience providing insight into the canyon’s geology, animals or constellation stories. Snowshoe hikes are available during the winter months.

White Sands National Monument

If you’ve ever wondered what the dunes would look like under the glow of a full moon, then this hike is for you! The dunes of the White Sands National Monument, in New Mexico, will offer you a firsthand look. These unique dunes are thousands of years old and made from gypsum, which rarely is found in sand.

Beverly Hills Coldwater Canyon Park

The fine folks at TreePeople offer an exciting view of the park, after dark. They call these Moonlight Hikes. The trees and the trails take on a new experience in the moonlight. Take in the peace and tranquility as you listen for the hoots of the owls. Enjoy the beauty of the canyon as you stroll the trails under the moonlit sky.


Tucson offers an exciting 3-hour moonlit, guided hike of the desert landscape, which covers about 2 miles. Your tour guides will provide UV black lights. If you’re wondering why the black lights, it’s because scorpions, which are native to the area, will glow in the dark once the lights are shined on them. They won’t be able to hide from you or your guide! Once the sun starts to set, you’ll experience the desert scenes and colors as never before.

Makapu’u Point Lighthouse

Ok, so you don’t automatically think of moonlit hikes when you think of Hawaii, but you should! Makapu’u Point Lighthouse on the beautiful island of Oahu is the perfect spot! As you hike the moderate 2-mile trail, you will marvel at the beauty of the coastline. When the sun starts to set you will see the moon start to rise and glow through the clouds. There is nothing quite as peaceful as the glow of the moon on the ocean waves. Aloha!

Lake Tahoe

Hiking Lake Tahoe during the day is enjoyable, but experiencing the hike at night is a different adventure! The Tahoe rim trail takes on a new light under the glow of a full moon. Let go of all your stress as you gaze out at the beautiful moon, shining its beam over the tranquil lake’s surface.

Las Vegas

Las Vegas isn’t only for gamblers! Once you stray away from the bright lights of the casinos, you will find a myriad of hills to climb and trails to explore. The full moon offers a host of eerie shadows cast across the desert backdrop. A moonlit hike in the hills of Las Vegas offers even the most experienced hiker a thrilling experience.

Scottsdale, AZ

In the summer, you may want to explore the Full Moon’s Toad Chorus hike in Scottsdale, Arizona. Summer is the best time of the year to witness the incredibly loud “singing” of the desert toads at night. You will get close enough to be able to pick out the different frog species by ear. One toad actually sounds like a calf bawling. It is a truly unique experience!

For those of you who enjoy a good hike but want a new way to experience it, a moonlit hike may be just the answer. Each new terrain brings a new view as the glow of the moon washes over it. Your senses awaken from the darkness and every sound takes on a new meaning. From the eerie shadows cast from tree branches, to the peaceful glow on a lake, you will howl from delight!

If you are planning on camping on one of your full moon hikes, check out

Henry David Thoreau

Live Deliberately

“I went to the woods because I wished to live deliberately, to front only the essential facts of life, to see if I could not learn what it had to teach, and not, when I came to die, discover that I had not lived.”  — Henry David Thoreau

Must See Rivers

The 9 Must See Rivers Of North America

The early settlers of the New World must have been delighted to find the land to be criss-crossed with navigable waterways. This allowed them to explore further and further into the West, and gave them the ability to irrigate crops to elicit maximum yields. From the rapids of the James River rolling through Richmond, Virginia to the untamed Yukon River in Alaska, one cannot travel across this continent without discovering some of the most astonishing riparian habitats to be found anywhere in the world. Here’s the cream of the crop, the must-see rivers of North America.

The St. Lawrence

The St Lawrence RiverThe primary run-off for the Great Lakes, connecting them directly to the Atlantic Ocean, this 1900-mile long river works its way through Canada to the St. Lawrence Seaway, a system of locks allowing ocean liners access to Great Lakes shipping lanes. It was first explored in earnest by Jacques Cartier in the year 1535.


The Churchill

The Churchill RiverTraversing a huge swath of Canada that includes Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba, the Churchill includes a series of several lakes and completes its journey by emptying into Hudson Bay. It is a habitat for over a dozen species of fish, including perch, walleye, Northern pike, lake trout and lake sturgeon.


The Yukon

The Yukon RiverYukon is the Gwich’in word for Great River. With portions in both Western Canada and Alaska, the Yukon runs 1,980 miles through the middle of some of the most pristine wilderness left on this planet, finishing its journey at the Bering Sea. For all of its length and territorial sprawl, there are only four bridges – total – that cross the Yukon.



The Rio Grande

The Rio GrandeThe 1,885-mile long Rio Grande is so popular that towns have sprung up on its banks, right across from each other, in two different countries. It runs through “sister cities” in Laredo, Texas (across from Nuevo Laredo in Mexico), El Paso, Texas (paried with Juarez) and at its mouth in Brownsville, Texas (Matamoros).

The Missouri

The Missouri RiverIn 1804, the expedition party of Lewis and Clark departed from St. Louis, heading up the Missouri River. By the time they reached its starting point, they would be in Montana – at the Continental Divide. At 2,500 miles, it is easily the longest river in the United States, reaching 10 states and 28 different Native American tribes.


The Niagara

The Niagara RiverThe Niagara, as a waterway, serves to empty Lake Erie into Lake Ontario. Statistically speaking, the Niagara isn’t much; it’s only 35 miles in total length but it ranks very highly among must-see rivers in North America because it is home to Niagara Falls. Over the years, 15 people have gone over the falls on some sort of flotation device; five of them did not survive the attempt.


The Columbia

The Columbia RiverThe Pacific Northwest’s largest river, the Columbia begins in the Canadian Rockies, winding up as the border between Washington and Oregon. There are 14 hydro-electric power plants operating on its main stem. Its chief tributary is the infamous Snake River, the location of Evel Knievel’s ill-fated “Rocket Cycle” jump attempt at Snake Canyon in Idaho.


The Colorado

The Colorado RiverTumbling out of the Rocky Mountains, the Colorado winds its way 1,450 miles through the American Southwest, running through the Grand Canyon and all the way to the Gulf of California. The Colorado River basin has provided habitat for humans for over 8,000 years, although it remained largely uncharted until the 1869 Powell Expedition.


The Mississippi

The Mississippi RiverLocated entirely within the United States, the Mighty Mississip’ rises out of northern Minnesota and rolls all the way down to the Gulf of Mexico. The first bridge crossing the river was constructed in 1855 in Minneapolis. A year later came the first railroad crossing – which was rammed by the steamboat Effie Afton just two weeks after it opened. The case went to court; the lawyer who defended the railroad was a serious-looking fellow from Illinois. His name was Abraham Lincoln.

The Big Three! Tips On How To Lighten Your Pack

The Big Three! Tips On How To Lighten Your Pack

There is no shortage of ways to reduce weight in your backpacking experience, but by focusing on “The Big Three” (backpack, tent and sleeping bag), you can try a variety of DIY ways to lighten your pack by making your own modifications. Try it out and let us know what you think!

** Another great way to lighten your load is to carry freeze dried food.  It is a nutritious and delicious way to get flavor and variety while in the great outdoors.

Campfire Pizza! Yummmmm!

We love this idea of taking pizza ingredients with you on a hike so that you can have a nice  yummy campfire pizza after a long trek.  This video is courtesy of Sierra Trading Post, where you can find other great recipes for the great outdoors.

The View Of The Blood Moon That You Might Have Missed

Did you get to see the recent Blood Moon?  If you were like me, you were sound asleep because you had to get up the next morning at 5am.  Or maybe you were in an area where it was too cloudy and/or raining.  But even if you had the privilege of seeing it first hand, you probably didn’t get this good of a look at it.  Check out this NASA time lapse video, courtesy of The Griffith Observatory, and watch as it changes to red before your very eyes.